KH4™ Product Features Picture of KH4 150 Watt Power Unit
  • Clean - The KH4's only emissions are heat and water that is internally recycled.
  • Quiet - The KH4 is extremely quiet in comparison to other generator technologies, only 60dB @ 1 meter
  • Portable - The KH4 is lightweight, only 23lbs.
  • Safe - Trulite's KH4 is safe for indoor use without the worry of dangerous exhaust emissions associated with gasoline generators.
  • Innovative - The system uses HydroCell™ fuel cartridges that are compact, easy to use, and can be recycled.

For additional information please download the KH4 Datasheet The Trulite KH4 generator is a clean, quiet, and lightweight portable electric generator utilizing cutting edge hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The KH4 can provide power solutions for military, commercial and industrial partners at significantly lower weight and volume than traditional batteries or generators.

MP-100™ Power System

Product Features:Trulite MP100 Power System

  • Designed for industrial deployment for current commerical customer
  • Pre-production models currently being tested with customer applications
  • Extended run time capabilities
  • Quiet, low maintenance operation
  • Minimal training required to operate

System Specifications:

Power Output Up to 100W (Peak 300W for 5 min.)
Output Voltage Range 11-14 VDC / 120V AC / 5V USB
System Weight < 32.0 lbs
System Size 18.4"w x 14.5"l x 14.5"h
Operating Temperature Range -10C to 45C
Noise Maximum < 55 db(A) Per ISO 7779

Fuel Pack:

Run Time Minimal 24 hrs. @ 100W (Hot Swappable)
Extended Run Time Options Up to 100 hrs. @ 100W (Hot Swappable)
Weight < 8.5 lbs.
Size 9"w x 9"l x 14"h
Water Required 3.8L
HydroCell™ Product Features Trulite Hydrocell Cartridge
  • Lightweight - HydroCell cartridge weighs just 1.5 pounds and contains nearly 400Whrs. of electrical energy. (That is the equivalent of over 5 laptop batteries).
  • Long Shelf Life -HydroCells have indefinite life.
  • Environmentally Friendly - HydroCells have environmentally friendly byproducts that can be recycled.

Trulite has developed the HydroCell which is a clean reliable hydrogen source for use in PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell. HydroCells are based on a chemical hydride known as Sodium Borohydride. Instead of compressing or liquefying hydrogen, hydrogen molecules are chemically attached to other elements to create what is called a compound. This compound can then be stored without pressure for long periods of time. When hydrogen is needed the compound is reacted and hydrogen is then released as a gas. This method of storing hydrogen is currently the lightest hydrogen storage technology available.

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